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Please be informed that following policies, rules and regulations will be updated from time to time without prior notice.

A. Member Registration Policies

  1. User Account Information
    • As seller, TamuGround is only valid for user from Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia only. It means that we only allowed seller from the mentioned countries to sell or promote their product in TamuGround. Any advertisement, post or uploaded product from other countries not in the mentioned list shall be removed by the website administrator without any notice.
    • As buyer, TamuGround is only valid for user from all country around the world. There is no restriction for buyer. Everyone from other countries can order and buy product in TamuGround.
    • User who wants to register as member must be eighteen (18) years old and above.
    • User with the age of below eighteen (18) years old can register as member with the permission and justification from both parents (user is required to send justification letter to admin@tamuground.com.my).
    • User must read the TamuGround registration page. As mentioned, new user is required to complete and provide valid information before participating in any online transaction.
    • User's information will be check daily. Any incomplete or suspicious user information will be temporarily suspended (please refer to the following criteria):
      1. Incomplete name or only nickname provided
      2. Invalid email address
      3. Invalid mobile phone or telephone number
    • User information will be stored in the database server even after the user's acoount is terminated or closed. This is for the purpose of security reasons such as:
      1. Identity fraud (to protect user information from being use by others for new signup).
      2. Audit trail for previous transaction (identifying of any dispute or potential fraud).
      3. Information achieves (for user information reference if requested by relevant authorities in case of any violation of the Malaysian's law).
    • Any user account will be suspended if the user violated the TamuGround's registration policy.
    • User is not encouraged to sign up multiple new accounts.

B. Policy for Selling Item or Advertisement

  1. The policy is important to all members of TamuGround due to the following reasons:
    • To prevent and reduce the fraud in TamuGround.
    • To prevent and reduce the potential of user manipulation or sabotage the online transaction in TamuGround.
    • To ensure that all member are responsible with their advertisements and transactions.
    • To assure that all members is contactable and reachable.
  2. User is required to tick the checkbox as a sign accepting the agreement and obey the TamuGround policies, rules and regulations before posting any item for sale or advertisement. The policies are stated as follows:
    1. Selling item on behalf of other user
      • You are advice not to sell or post item on behalf of other people.
      • However, you can still do so but it would be your responsible if the posted item have issues with the law of Malaysia such as illegal or prohibited items.
    2. Type of disallowed items and advertisements.
      * Any items or postings related as stated below shall be removed by TamuGround without any notification:
      • Any items prohibited by the laws of Malaysia
      • Racism and discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age
      • Posting or advertisement that contains any links or urls that refer / redirect users to own or self promote sites
      • Pornography or any sexually illegal related information
      • Banner and advertisement
      • Duplicated advertisement
      • Spam
      • Bonuses, free gifts or prizes
      • Illegal activities or terrorism related item and information
      • Misleading title or inaccurate posting
      • Violence related items of information
      • Pirated VCD/software
      • Violation of intellectual properties rights
    3. Legal and illegal item
      • Please send us email with the item detail to admin@tamuground.com.my in case if you are unsure of what you are selling is legal or illegal either by Laws of Malaysia or regulations of TamuGround.
      • We have the rights to suspend your account, posted item or both without any notification.
    4. Item with inaccurate or misleading title or price
      • Any item with misleading price and title will be removed (e.g. posting item for sale with price RM1.00, but in fact, the item is sold for more than RM1.00 or illogical price).
      • TamuGround have the right to define and identify any unrealistic or inaccurate posting.
    5. Selling on Software or intellectual property related products
      * For member who intended to sell software (computer, mobile phone, console, application) or intellectual property related products, you are required to fulfill the following criteria and requirement:
      • User must be a verified member (MyKad and Mobile Phone verified).
      • User who posts the item will be the person responsible for the posted item, not tamuground.com.my).
      • Any software or intellectual property related product posted by non-verified member will be removed without any notification.
      • User's detail information including contact and email will be send to the relevant authorities if requested. Therefore, user shall solve and settle the issue with the relevant authorities without any involvement from TamuGround.
      • All software posted must be legal copy, with license and non-pirated.
    6. Shipping charges for posted item
      • You are advised to include the shipping or delivering charges in your posting to prevent any misunderstood on the total item price.
      • Estimated shipping charges would help your potential buyer to determine the total item if it is stated in your posting.
    7. Reminder to user upon posting item
      • Once the checkbox is ticked before posting any item, user is already agreed to accept the policies, rules and regulations.
      • User should not proceed if the policies, rules and regulation if not agreed, accepted or fulfilled.
      • User is required to pay the account re-activation fee of RM20.00 if the user account is suspended due to any violation of the policies, rules and regulations.
      • The policies, rules and regulations will be updated, change or removed without any prior notice.

C. Lists of Posted Item and Advertisement Details

Please read the details as stated below before you proceed with any posting items and advertisements.